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some vinyls under the stylus 21 of april. 22 – 03 (pew) – kim bar 

Friday the 30th of March i will do some inferior vinyl mixing at Kim Bar in Berlin. 22 – 01!

Disco, Sweden, Christian Olofsson, DJ

this summer has been filled with music selection at flora on Båten and a quick loftetgbg night (+ homepage design) =  TXL – GOT – TXL

A1 Poster for, yeah, it’s a snippet.

memories! 2005 i created this flyer for twee-indie-livingroom-bergsjön-pop-still-one-of-my-favourite-clubs Cosy den

Cosy Den


My favourite swedish festival, now with my graphics. Arvikafestivalen. Love the forest.


fuck ysl, let’s go disco.

a3 flyer for swedish independent theatre group (matematikerna) the layout is based on demands/wishes from the group.

horizontal autumn colours, fashion from 2005.